Regina the Baker

I‘m Regina Pascucci, owner and baker of Bossy Girl Bakery.

I started cooking and baking as a child besides my mother. Mom taught me how to bake from scratch using real ingredients.I only use the finest flour, sugar, eggs, butter and fresh fruit in my baking and jam-making; no substitutes that come out of a food lab or ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

It was a wonderful learning experience that also formed happy, comforting memories that come back to me when I bite into a cookie or cake that Mom and I used to make together.  We made Christmas cookies, cakes, brownies, biscuits and breads. She also taught me how to make jam with the peaches in our yard and how to can vegetables from our garden.

I believe it’s this dedication to using only real ingredients that make my baked goods taste so fantastic.Over the past 30 years, I practiced my craft by baking cakes, cookies, bars and making jams for my family, friends and co-workers. I constantly look for new and exciting recipes to try or ways to perfect my current recipes for optimal flavor and texture. You can taste all this hard work in my goods.

My menu contains many bakery standards such as chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but also specialty and seasonal items such as Millionaire’s Shortbread, Blueberry Boy Bait and Peach Cobbler. Every summer I make jam with strawberries and blueberries from New Jersey farms and peaches from a collaborative of farmers in South Carolina and Georgia.